On Summer and PenguinBags

On Summer and PenguinBags

It is already summer in Hong Kong. Temperatures have peaked up. It is the time of the year when going out is not fun any longer, at least not for me. Humidity is high, to such a level that, if you wear glasses, they will become steamed as soon as you step out into an open space.

But even so, it is quite busy here, lots of mommies wanting to get their hands on PenguinBags TOG 1. Many people think that PenguinBags are for winter or cold weather only but I have to tell you that many little children love to sleep in our cute PenguinBags even in locations where the average weather temperature is high, because air conditioning is widely used at home. “Isn’t it great to leave the A/C on and not have to wake up in the middle of the night to check if I have miscalculated setting the temperature?”, a mum recently wrote to me in an email. “Use a TOG 1 PenguinBag and sleep all the night in one go!” she said.

Hong Kong is not the only place enduring high temperatures but still using PenguinBags. Little waddling toddlers in PenguinBags can be also spotted in places as far away from the South Pole as Singapore. We have also sent PenguinBags to Myamar. Yes, you read it, Myamar! A friend of mine with three children all under 4 took some PenguinBags with her when she moved to Myamar. Since then, I regularly receive emails asking me to send PenguinBags to the small but loyal PenguinBags mommies in Rayon. And, finally, Taiwan has also seen quite a few of TOG 1 PenguinBags landing there in the last weeks, thanks to the great job done by Tony, our brand new distributor there, who fell in love with our PenguinBags after his super cute toddler started using one.

But maybe this is not all and there are still places with more extreme temperatures that our beloved PenguinBags will be visiting in the future. In January, in the Hong Kong Baby Products Trade show, I received the visit of a guy really interested in our PenguinBags for distribution in the U.A.E.

“Can you do PenguinBags in TOG 0.5?”, he asked.
“I am afraid, we cannot, as just the velveteen would take you over that TOG, and all our PenguinBags are made of velveteen”, I replied.
“What a shame! They are really cute and I am very keen on them but they are too warm for Dubai”, he responded.

Uhhhmmmm… maybe it is time to start thinking of thinner fabrics….

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