A Race Blind Child

A Race Blind Child

“Mommy, why does everybody think Rebeca is cute?”.

My 5 year old son Javi asked me this question two days ago when cruising the Hong Kong airport.

Yes, we had been stopped about 20 times since we got into the airport. But that is not unusual for a Western family travelling in China with a baby. Chinese people LOVE children. No matter age, gender or situation, whenever you meet any Chinese people from Mainland China, you will see immediately how happy they are to see children. And that is something I have to be very grateful for, specially when travelling with three children and with high chances of having one screaming at full lung capacity or just being naughty at any given time.

When you add to the equation the fact that one of the children is a Western baby, you are bound to attract a lot of attention, as mainlanders are not used to see Western babies except on TV screens.

“It is because Rebeca is a Western baby and some of these people at the airport have never seen Western children”, I told Javi.

“What is a Western child mum?”. I quickly thought of how to explain to my 5 year old about different races. I thought it would not make sense for him to talk about anything else than physical appearance. I believed that the easiest way to do it would be by using his classmates. All of the boys but him and another one, Michael, are Asian.

“You know in school that you look a bit more like Michael than like the other children?”, I asked him thinking he would immediately get it.

“No mommy, I do not look like Michael. I look like Jamie, Paul and Rob”.

Jamie, Paul and Rob are all Asians, and, more interestingly, each of them from a part of Asia, namely India, Japan and China.

Javi left me without words. How could I now explain it to him? But somehow I felt happy to have a race blind child.

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