On Boxes and Languages

On Boxes and Languages

Finally!! We just received the red boxes we will be using the following winter for our PenguinBags. Thank God!!

Our beautiful red box many of you may know was always manufactured in Spain. But this year, we have changed strategy and started manufacturing them in two centres, Spain (for sales in Europe) and Hong Kong (for sales in Asia and Oceania). The reason is that shipping big and heavy boxes from one side of the world to the other side is extremely expensive and many of our shops and distributors in Asia and Oceania were asking for more economic options of packing.

Two months ago I and Petite but Resolute Mai, started the task of finding a supplier of red boxes on this side of the European border. Mai is my children’s Chinese tutor. I met her after one day I opened Javi’s backpack from school and realised he would have to go to school without having done his homework on the following day. Everything was in Chinese!! I urgently had to look for somebody whose Chinese was beyond “Nihao” and “Xiexie”, which was how far mine would go. I met Mai and she has been a blessing. Soon after she started tutoring Javi, I had to start pulling from her languages skills regularly to get me through bureaucracy, Chinese speaking marketing, Asian trade shows and one thousand more things. She is now working one day a week for The PenguinBag Company sorting out all the misunderstandings I get into and making sure my message goes through to Chinese speaking counterparts.

Three weeks ago, she had to deal with the red boxes issue. We had ordered the boxes, and I was really excited to receive them in the warehouse. The excitement did not last long. As soon as I opened the first box, I realised they all were glued and assembled the wrong way, basically inside out. They looked lovely, but only if you were sitting inside them! Now, go and try to explain that to a Chinese speaking person over the phone.

As usual, Mai came to the rescue the following day she was in. And now, two weeks later, the new and nicely finished boxes have just arrived.

I just received a message from our Japanese distributor. He needs our catalogue translated into Japanese. I do not think Mai will be able to assist me with this. I better start working the phone to find a solution…

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