End Of The Season, Beginning Of The Season

End Of The Season, Beginning Of The Season

It is now the end of the season for the PenguinBag family. We work extremely hard from July to March and then the workload goes down for three months, from April to June.

This was our second season in the market and we have enjoyed the ride. We have expanded our network and now our PenguinBag are sold in about a dozen of countries, quite an achievement for such a young company.

It is now time for us to breath, and reflect on what the plans will be for the following winter. New designs are being manufactured as we speak, and new products are on the design pipe line. The “lab season” as opposed to the “sales season” starts now and I cannot wait to start working on them. Lots of chemical, mechanical and other tests are being conducted in laboratories right now, to ensure our standards are kept up on the top.

We are also reaching the time of the year when I travel to Spain and meet the PenguinBag family. This allows me work with them, in close proximity, for some weeks. I cannot wait. They are all a very nice gang of people, who give to their jobs not 100%, but 110%.

We better enjoy this time. By July, we will be already super busy preparing, not only the start of the season, but the start of the trade show season.

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