Are we different?

Are we different?

Everybody who sets up a company likes to think they are somehow “different” to what already exists. Different regarding the product or service they make or provide.

But I would like to think we are also different in other ways.

I like to think we are different because we really listen to our customers. We are small enough for me to be able to basically review 100% of the feedback we get on our products and even comments made by people who may not even be clients.

Fifteen days ago we received a comment through our Facebook page. That comment was first seen by Olaya, our media person, who passed it up to me. A person has gone into our webpage to purchase a PenguinBag and felt that the IP description of some of our PenguinBags was gender biased. The description read “Bumble Bee PenguinBag for girls” while the Astronaut one read “Astronaut PenguinBag for boys”.

“She is absolutely right”, I said. “How come we have that description?”.

A bit of research showed it was actually an IT issue. For us to be found by potential clients searching the net, we needed to have the words “boy” and “girl” in our descriptions and, due to the space limit, our IT guy, after looking into our statistics of sales, had decided to use “boy” in the Astronaut and “girl” on the Bee, because there was no space for both words. The truth is that the Astronaut is bought mainly for boys, but in the case of the Bee, it is actually quite even.

“We need to sort that out. Let’s write to this customer and let’s fix this asap”. And we did, despite our IT guy advising it will have an impact on sales.

I also like to think we are different because this is a company in which people work to live and not live to work. People are always surprised when they ask me what time my employees start work in the morning and I do not have an answer. Because I don’t know. The PenguinBag people start work whenever they feel appropriate and stop work when they feel they are done for the day. For that, I am not surprised if I learn one of our employees is in the beach at 11am in July but also expect them to be available at 10 pm on a Saturday if an urgent matter comes out.

I like to think we are also different because we really care about what the customer is buying and want our products and service to be no less than perfect. It is not unusual for us to throw away bags full of booties because we find the embroidery to be less than perfect. In the very few cases in which we have feedback from somebody who feels the product was not perfect, we look and look again and again to see why it was not perfect, even when that may mean changing the length of an ankle rib too many times.

So please, keep on sending your feedback. We will be really grateful for it.

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