On Chinese New Year and Chocolates

On Chinese New Year and Chocolates

This week are the Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong (and China and many other places indeed). That means an extended holiday from school for the children and celebrations somehow simular to what we had one month ago when we welcomed 2015.

One of the traditions during these days is to give Lai See, a kind of tip that everybody has to give to anybody who has done something for them during the last year. It is a tiny amount of money deemed to bring luck to the recipient.

I never gave Lai See to my children’s teachers but, this year, I overheard some parents talking about giving it at school and I felt compeled to do it. But instead of going for the traditional “put money in an envelope” approach I opted for something also widely accepted as an alternative present and within my area of specialty: chocolates.

Since my children’s school has very tight guidelines on presents you can give the teachers, I knew that, with the allowed budget, I would only be able to buy a 100grs mid range chocolate bar. But I thought further and remembered some fabulous chocolates at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. You can buy a box of two tiny chocolates for the price of a chocolate bar. “That would be nicer and something a bit special for them to receive”, I thought.

When the time came, I went to the Mandarin Oriental to buy the chocolate boxes and came back home convinced I had had a great idea. In the morning, I gave Gabi two boxes.

“Gabi, you have to take this to school and give one to Ms Anne and another one to Ms Beth. OK?”

“What is this mommy?”. “They are chocolates for your teachers” I answered.

“I want one!” he said excited. Gaby has a tooth for chocolate, as I do. Some people in my family say it was too much chocolate during the pregnancy.

“No darling, this is for your teachers.” “OK” he said with a serious face.

He happily left for school carrying his two little packets of chocolate.

That evening when I opened his communication book from school, it struck me. “I should have foreseen this!” I thought immediately. There it was a note from the teacher.

“Dear Lourdes, thank you very much for the wonderful boxes of chocolates. Unfortunately, I am afraid a little mouse found the boxes before we got them and the chocolates came all half eaten!”


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