Cars and Ants

Cars and Ants

There is an ant scrolling along you eyebrown-I tell my brother-in-law


I swear it is true!

Oh, my! I can not stand it any longer.

What is the matter?

My car has been infested by ants. I have tried to find out where they hide , but I haven´t succeeded. The thing is that everytime I get off the car I am an ant nest myself. I was even having lunch on Saturday and an ant fell off from my head into my plate. Yuck!

I see. And still, you have not managed to find the nest in the car…

Nope!  Wanna give it a try and  see if youcan get them?

Sure! I say. It will be fun!

We spent the whole morning searching inside the car, but we found nothing.

Desperate,my brother-in-law says:

I think the ants come out when the car is moving. We´d better go for a drive.

We start the engine, and a few minutes later, I can see ants flying out of the air conditioning system. 

Now I get why they are always on your head!

Let´s stop and look inside the engine-my brother-in-law says

Do you know anything about engines? I ask

I do not even know how to check the oil level. This is the first car I have. I used to ride motorbikes and frankly I was much happier then.

Let´s open the bonnet and have a look

We open the bonnet, get the flashlight and spend some time scanning the engine, and Eureka!

Here they are. Look, the nest is under the water tank.

What can we do now? Shall we spray some insecticide?

I think that is not enough. We need to get the tank out and clean the engine thoroughly.

We can buy a can of insecticide and drive to a petro station and use their professional vacuum cleaner.

Ok. Let’s search a tutorial on youtube about how to disassemble the water tank.

Are you sure? I ask

Yes. We first have a look at the tutorial and then we take pics on every step. When ready, we just have to assemble it again by following the pics.

You, smart!

All hands on deck! We find the video and my brother-in-law starts disassembling the tank while I am taking pics of every step.

Suddenly I see an email getting into my iphone. Great discounts on the boots of your dreams. Great! I have been waiting for this discount for ages. I add them to my shopping cart. Great deal! Oh, no! My size is no longer available.

Are you taking the pics? He asks

Of course! I lie

He finishes disassembling the tank and there they are; the whole ant nest. We spray the entire car and then we vacuum it thoroughly. All the ants gone! 

Back to work, we try to assemble the tank following the pics I had taken.

There is something wrong here. There must be something missing between steps 3 an 4- my brother-in-law says.

That is really weird! I have taken pics of every single step. I think my mobile phone is so old that some of the pics have not been recorded - I lie.

It took us several more hours to assemble and disassemble the tank.

Now, when you turn on the windscreen wipers  , the water comes out through the grating of  the bonnet. But no ants at all!

We are the best!

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